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Revolutionizing new media outlets

The story of bioscope is an indicator of a new era of consuming television programmes. The campaign was run so people would primarily get to know about bioscope, including its features and benefits so we can arrange this behavioral change. .

In this modern day and age nobody has to miss out on their favorite sports, TV shows and movies just because they missed the scheduled times. Access to TV anytime, anywhere, makes all the difference in controlling your content.

Establishing ideas through stimulating AV

These women established themselves as successful women entrepreneurs and earned the respect of the people living in the Area. It was an OVC that featured the villages and the environment these women fought against to establish their own grounds. Stories of their struggle paints an everyday picture of struggle and eventually overcoming it. .

This isn’t just the evidence of the progress of livelihood for women, but also good example for young women to follow.

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